Business community recommendations handed over to President Putin

Crowning the intense six-month work, the so-called Green Book, the recommendations drawing on the best practices that could be proposed by the business community to the G20 leaders, was handed over to President Putin.
Preparation of this document also involved the IBLF. The whole process was chaired by the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.

Key conclusions of the previous summits and B20 deliberations were carefully structured and summarized. Headed by Andrey Bougrov and the whole Interros management team and administered by the International Business Leaders Forum, the B20 Task Force On Transparency and Anticorruption carried on its part of the preparation.  

The final document has proved to be the result of the joint efforts intended to unite multi-faceted business practices specific to different countries and continents which are aimed towards the common goal of defeating corruption and achieving balanced state regulation in business. The meeting with the RF President took place at the platform of St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.
Opening the meeting, President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs A. Shokhin emphasized the hope of the business community that a large part of our recommendations will be incorporated in the final documents of G20 Summit.
Along with Mr. Bougrov co-chairing the Task Force On Transparency and Anticorruption were Futhi Mtoba (Deloitte) and Guiseppe Recchi (Eni).

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