Mentoring in Entrepreneurship

The mentoring in entrepreneurship is one of the most important segments of Youth Business Russia YBR programme. YBR managers have thoroughly studied mentoring experience in Scotland, Canada, India, Argentina. Boris Tkachenko, CEO of YBR and Institute of Mentoring completed trainings in international mentoring methodologies at Youth Business International (YBI) / Accenture seminar delivered by Professor John Cull in August 2008.

YBI methodologies were adopted for implementation in Russia and were tested successfully in Voronezh pilot region, followed by extending the mentoring programme in Vladivostok, Novosibirsk, Kaluga, Rostov-on-Don, Moscow and Kirov. Currently, mentor-mentee matches are working in YBR covered regions, training seminars for mentors and mentees and other events are being carried out.

Mentees Igor Zaboev and Petr Boikov, supported by their mentor Yuri Segal were awarded Best Ecological Entrepreneur prize at YBI Entrepreneur of the Year 2012 international contest and were the winners in Young Entrepreneur nomination at EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2014 Russian contest.

Since 2013, as part of the energetic workshop-conference activity, YBR and the Institute of Mentoring are carrying out, on the regular basis, the Days of Mentoring, a series of events dedicated to mentoring in entrepreneurship, in cooperation with international and local experts, business and public organizations, young and experienced businessmen.

Based on the acquired experience, YBR experts advised partner organizations in Serbia, Mongolia and Kazakhstan on establishing local mentoring programmes.

News and Events

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20.05.2022 Mentor meeting in the frame of SOS Mentoring III
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11.04.2022 Launch of SOS Mentoring III
18.01.2022 Mentor of the Year Final, 17.01.22
03.12.2021 The International Mentoring Day in Asia
02.12.2021 Summary of Day 3 of the International Mentoring Days
01.12.2021 Summary of Day 2 of the International Mentoring Days
29.11.2021 Summary of Day 1 of the International Mentoring Days
26.10.2021 Summary of the 8th SOS Mentoring II Webinar, 20.10.2021
28.09.2021 SOS Mentoring II Webinar 7 Perfectionism in Mentoring. Who needs that?
29.07.2021 SOS Mentoring II Webinar 6 The art of precise wording in mentoring. Goal setting, asking good questions, focusing
16.06.2021 SOS Mentoring II Webinar 5 Mentors expectations, assumptions and stereotypes
26.05.2021 SOS Mentoring II Webinar 4 Rules and Contract in Mentoring
21.04.2021 SOS Mentoring II Webinar 3 Soft Skills for mentors
30.03.2021 Growth and Performance Skills (GPS) training delivered to 3 international cohorts
26.03.2021 SOS Mentoring II Webinar 2 Support and challenge balance
25.03.2021 Mentoring in Entrepreneurship. Q&A
26.02.2021 SOS Mentoring II Webinar 1. Peer learning session
25.11.2020 VIII International Days of Mentoring in Entrepreneurship
24.10.2020 Young Female Entrepreneur of The Year Europe Award winner announced amid calls for greater support for girls and women to start businesses
20.08.2020 Webinar by the Russian Ministry of Economic Development Mentoring and its role in business start and growth
24.06.2020 The 6th Webinar for Russian-speaking mentors of entrepreneurs in the frame of SOS Mentoring global initiative
17.06.2020 The 5th Webinar for Russian-speaking mentors of entrepreneurs in the frame of SOS Mentoring global initiative
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