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Improving Business Standards in Russia


The programme seeks to build and facilitate partnerships between government, business and civil society to create an environment which is attractive to investments in Russian social and economic development. IBLF, in partnership with PwC and Association of Independent Directors, holds Forum of Directors, aimed for members of the board of directors of Russian companies to discuss corporate governance and development of social responsibility and transparency in Russia.

Programme Partners


Main initiatives under the programme:

  • Roundtables – a forum for sharing experiences and opinions.
  • Collective action – an effective method whereby companies join forces to reduce the risk of corruption in order to create a transparent business environment. IBLF, as independent moderator, facilitates working groups in specific industries to do this.
  • Website – we are building a resource to support the partnership between business, civil society and state in promoting responsible business conduct.
  • Publications – our diverse publications showcase company best practice of companies in improving business standards in Russia.
  • Educational materials on business ethics being developed with support from leading Russian business schools.
  • Meetings between business leaders and students.


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