During the group discussion
During the group discussion

Interactive workshop on advanced compliance techniques

Compliance managers are often faced with “difficult” conversations with employees, especially with those on the front-line commercial positions which are most exposed to fraudulent behavior. There may be a lack of acceptance of the overall principles of compliance, or a poor understanding of what constitutes going against the rules, especially in grey areas such as gifts, or unfamiliarity with management expectation such as whistle-blowing or use of hot-lines. Compliance managers are sometimes also faced with difficult conversations with the top managers of their company, who may be senior in age, experience, and rank.

This was the topic of a joint session organized by IBLF, PwC with the support of Siemens, which was held on 6 October 2011 at PwC office. The event dealt with how compliance managers can develop their powers of persuasion to develop the clearest and most convincing arguments in favor of clean business.

The workshop was attended by more than 20 representatives of the major Russian and multinational companies. During the meeting the participants were divided into groups who were engaged in role-playing and presented their own views of the most topical compliance issues and their possible solutions. Vera Cherepanova, IBLF Programme Manager, described complience system in Hilti.

Improving Business Standards in Russia Programme

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